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Exploration Activities

Premier Minerals Limited (PML) is the pioneer in the mineral sands sector of Bangladesh. PML lodged applications for exploration licenses in potential areas the coastal belts, chars in the Bay of Bengal, the rivers of the Padma (Ganges), the Brahmaputra, the Jamuna, and the Meghna that includes its tributaries as well as its confluences.


About Mineral Sands

Mostly used for the production of Industrial minerals, on a global scale, mineral sands are of crucial economic importance as non-metallic and metallic raw materials alike. Concentrations of relatively heavy minerals which have accumulated as a result of natural processes can be found in Bangladesh.


Environmental Factors

Most exploration and mining projects produce impacts on or changes in the state of natural environment, of which some are positive and some are negative. The description of the environmental factors/baseline data is an integral part of an environmental impact study. Baseline data on environment is important to...

Mineral Sands

Company Profile

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Premier is an Australian group of investors incorporated in Singapore and is specifically established as an investment group to become active participants in the expanding Mineral Resources markets of the Asian region.


Country Profile

An introduction to Bangladesh
Bangladesh is bordered by the Republic of India to its north, west and east, by the Union of Myanmar (Burma) to its south-east and by the Bay of Bengal to its south. The name Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal" in the official Bengali language.


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