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Cox's Bazar and Teknaf
Mineral sands contain suites of minerals that have high specific gravity. Concentrations of heavy minerals are called placer(s) or placer deposits. Because many heavy minerals are opaque and darken the sediment when they reach large concentrations, they can be termed black sands or mineral sands. Heavy minerals in placers that can be exploited commercially include ilmenite and its weathering products such as leucoxene, rutile, zircon, garnet, magnetite etc.

Between 2011-2012, prices for these minerals escalated tremendously. And though, over the last twelve months, there has been in a steady decline, PML expects prices to rise steadily over the long term. It should be noted here that, prices are all dependent on the quality the product such as any impurities and the grain size of the mineral.

Premier Minerals Limited have hopes of supplying all of these economic minerals but wish to focus on the market trend and history of two major products Zircon and Rutile, these two minerals are of the highest value and they do not require any chemical separation processes.

The following graph shows latest price trend for Zircon and Rutile per metric tonne. Please see our Newsletters for the latest on market information.