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Gravity separation methods such as centrifugal separation using spirals are used to separate the heavy minerals from the sand. The individual minerals may then be separated by way of their different magnetic and electrostatic behaviour.
No Chemicals are used to produce in the proecss. The process uses electricity and water, the water can be recycled using a reservoir system.
Spiral Wet Separation
Product: HMC & Sand

The ore slurry is fed through a gravity concentration unit, typically known as spiral. The spirals effectively separate the heavy minerals from the sand, using centrifugal gravity, producing a heavy mineral concentrate (HMC). This HMC is about 85% heavy mineral.

Electromagnetic Separation
Product: NMC (Non-magnetic Concentrate) & MC (Magnetic Concentrate)

While the HMC is still in its wet water mix it passes through an electromagnetic separator which will divide magnetic and non magnetic particles. This separates minerals such as Zircon, Rutile and Sand from magnetic minerals such as Magnetite, Garnet and Ilmenite.

Wet Gravity Separation
Product: ZRC (Zircon Rutile Concentrate) & Sand

Using shaking tables the heavy Zircon and Rutile particles are separated from the sand creating a Zircon and Rutile concentrate ready for final separation.

Dry Plant – Electrostatic Separation
Product: Zircon, Rutile, Ilmenite, Garnet

Using electrostatic separation, individual minerals are separated

Spiral Wet Separation Unit
Premier's wet sepation unit