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World Resources of Mineral Sands

World resources

Resources of Ilmenite are found and being mined in India, Australia, Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, USA etc. India (29%) and Australia (21%) contribute more than 50% of the total reserve of Ilmenite.

Resources of Rutile are found and being mined in Australia, India, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Kenya, Cameroon etc. Only Australia has the more than 40% of the total reserve of Rutile and Australia is the largest rutile producing country (52% of the total production) in the world. It is thought India has 18% of the total reserve however it produces only 4% of the total annual production in the world.

Resources of Zircon are found and being mined in Australia, Canada, India, Malawi, Mozambique, Indonesia, USA, Kenya, Senegal etc. Australia (33%) and Canada (19%) have the largest reserves of the Zircon although Canada is not contributing much to productionp. Most of the zircon comes from Australia and South Africa.

India (67%) is the largest Garnet producing country although major reserves of garnet are found in Australia (69%) but their contribution (9%) to meet the world demand is minimum. The other Garnet producing countries are Canada, Ukraine, Norway, USA etc.

Whats in Bangladesh?

The heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) is dominated by non-valuable heavy minerals, including significant quantities of Garnet (estimated to average 5 to 30% of the heavy minerals). The dominant opaque mineral is a low grade Ilmenite (typically 9 to 46%) with significant magnetite (1 to 5%) and very minor amounts of other Iron oxides. Zircon (1 to 6%), Rutile (1 to 6%), Leucoxene (0.5 to 5%) and while their proportion in the HM is relatively low compared to conventional Australian deposits, the amount of HM mineralisation equates to in-situ grades of 2 – 4% VHM.

The potential for commercial production of mineral products has been demonstrated by the various metallurgical test work carried out on samples by Australian laboratories specializing in mineral sands assessment.