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Cox's Bazar and Teknaf

Cox's Bazar and Teknaf
Premier Minerals Limited has completed exploration activities covering a total area of 7986 hectares under Teknaf Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District under two exploration licenses awarded in 2007.

A small demonstration plant of approximately 150 tph capacity has been proposed in order to demonstrate to the Bangladesh Government the viability of processing mineral sands. This was deemed important as it would provide the Bangladesh Government and in particular the Department of Environment, confidence that the project is beneficial for Bangladesh and that there will be no permanent environmental degradation issues.

After reviewing the proposal from Premier for setting up this Demonstration Plant, two inter ministry committees have recommended the granting of two Mining leases with a total area of 350 Hectares. Currently final environmental clearances are pending

Exploration work to date has comprised:

  • a review of previous investigations by the BAEC and other explorers
  • geomorphology mapping and interpretation of satellite imagery to identify prospective areas for HM mineralization
  • completion of a geophysical survey that used shallow seismic and resistivity methods to define the thickness of the sedimentary sequence
  • a reconnaissance grid pattern (80m or 160m along the beach and 40m across the beach) of manual percussion drilling program that involved geological logging, stratigraphical interpretation of the beach and fore dune geology, and collection of samples for laboratory analysis
  • HM analysis of selected samples
  • Mineralogical study of composite samples from Badarmokam and Shilkhali