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The offshore Islands, locally named as “chars”, area tract of lands surrounded by waters of the Bay of Bengal and represent accretion of land in a river course or estuary, in this case at the mouth of the mighty Meghna / Ganges / Brahmaputra River system.

Having gained experience in mineral sand deposits in terms of its characteristics, mode of occurrences, nature of deposits, etc., Premier professionals planned to extend their knowledge of new mineral sand deposits / resources into other areas of Bangladesh. To achieve these goals Premier Minerals carried out number of reconnaissance visits in south-west coastal belt and offshore islands (Chars) in association with the Department of Geology, Dhaka University under the Joint Research Development Program. Premier Minerals has identified 18 island areas and has submitted exploration licenses in these regards. Furthermore 5 large shoal applications in-between the islands for dredging opportunities have been submitted. Of these 23 areas 6 Mining Leases have been submitted. The Geological Survey of Bangladesh has approved 16 of the 18 Island applications and all the mining applications to go forward to the government for final decisions. Exploration work and further studies of the Islands is an ongoing program for Premier Minerals Limited.

Exploration work to date has comprised

  • Textural, Sieve and HM analysis of selected samples
  • A review of previous investigations by the other explorers
  • Geomorphology mapping and interpretation of satellite imagery to identify prospective areas for HM mineralization
  • A number of reconnaissance field visit in south-west coastal belt and offshore islands that involved geological logging and laboratory analysis
  • Two systematic grid pattern (120m along and 40m across the strike) of Auger drilling program up to 2 meter depth that involved geological logging, stratigraphical interpretation of the geology and collection of samples for laboratory analysis in the two mining lease areas of Dhal Char and Vashar char
  • IRMS and XRF study of composite samples at Titanatek and AML in Australia , also at IMMM, BCSIR in Bangladesh
  • Metallurgical analysis of composite sample of offshore Islands at Titanatek in Australia and BSMEC in Bangladesh
  • Metallurgical analysis of composite samples from Shoal of Bay of Bengal at Diamantina in Australia
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