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River Exploration in Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar and Teknaf
Bangladesh is located on at the mouth of the second largest river system in the world comprising of three large rivers including the Ganges (Padma), The Brahmaputra (Jamuna) and the Meghna. These have a catchment area of over 1.5 million square kilometers.

Premier Minerals Limited (PML) carried out a numbers of reconnaissance visit in all three Rivers system from the year 2010 to 2012 to identify the occurrence of the mineral sands in the sand bars of the river for prospecting. Premier Minerals has applied for exploration licenses in areas located within the mighty rivers and its confluences. Premier minerals has conducted a systematic approach towards river exploration and has 37 exploration applications in which 6 have been approved by the Bureau of Mineral Development (BMD) to go forward for final government approval. Three Exploration Licenses for mineral sands were awarded to PML on 21st March, 2012. No Mining applications have been made for the rivers areas yet and this will depend on current exploration results.

Exploration work to date

  • A review of previous investigations by other explorers
  • Geomorphology mapping and interpretation of satellite imagery to identify prospective areas for HM mineralization
  • A numbers of reconnaissance field visit in all three rivers to collect samples over a large portion of the river system at 500 meter intervals wherever possible that involved geological logging and laboratory analysis
  • Two grid pattern (160m along t and 80m across the strike) of Auger drilling program up to 2 meter depth that involved geological logging, stratigraphical interpretation of the geology and collection of samples for laboratory analysis in Alatuli and Shibganj Licensed Area
  • Textural, Sieve and HM analysis of selected samples
  • IRMS and XRF study of composite samples at Titanatek and AML in Australia , also at IMMM, BCSIR in Bangladesh
  • Metallurgical analysis of high grade composite sample at Titanatek in Australia