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Laboratory Activites

Samples have been taken on the river, Islands and beaches of Bangladesh. Typically the heavy metal separation is conducted in-house using bromoform. Proceeding this we combine several samples for further XRF analyses, Magnetic Separation and Mineralogical Characterisation work using laboratories in both Bangladesh and Australia

Laboratory Work Process

  • Screening and Estimates of Fines: the wet sieving & then dry sieving
  • Heavy and Light fraction Separation by Bromoform mostly done by PML geologists in Dhaka University laboratory
  • Samples sent to Institute of Mining, Mineralogy & Metallurgy, BCSIR, Joypurhat for elemental composition through XRF
  • Samples sent to BAEC for magnetic separation of samples and mineral separation based on magnetic susceptibility (Dry high intensity induced roll magnetic separators (IRMS)
  • Samples sent to world class laboratories (AML, Titanatek, CRL in Australia) for mineralogical characterization
  • Robins Metallurgical in Australia initiated process flow through plant specification
  • To maintain quality, a duplicate sample is tested after 100 assays are done
  • Using bromoform with proper ventilation and personal protective equipment by skilled people only
Screening and Oversize Estimation (Textural Analysis)
Heavy and Light fraction Separation by Bromoform
Grain Counting (Microscope study)