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BAEC- Bangladesh Atomic Energy commission

Bangladesh Atomic Energy commission
The BAEC was established in February 1973 through the promulgation of the Presidential Order 15 of 1973. Functions of the BAEC include research and development of the peaceful application of atomic energy, generation of electricity and promotion of international relations congenial to implementation of its programs and projects. The programs and projects of BAEC now focus on various sectors of the economy, such as health, industries, agriculture and environment. In 1993 the Government promulgated the law on nuclear safety and radiation control.

The primary objectives of the BAEC are to:

  • Undertake necessary fundamental research in various fields of physical, biological and engineering sciences using nuclear technology
  • Acquire and adopt related technology like electronics, computer, material science, etc;
  • Render services to various end-users;
  • Develop human resource for sustainable development of nuclear technology;
  • Monitor and assess hazards of radiation and environmental pollution;
  • Discharge international obligations in the field of atomic energy.

R & D activities of BAEC are thus classified into two distinct categories, namely, those related to basic research and others having direct relevance to the national economy. As the mineral sands resources of Bangladesh were first discovered during a survey for radioactive minerals, the BAEC (and its predecessors) has been intimately involved with the exploration and evaluation of the HM resources. Since 1980 the BAEC have operated the Beach Sand Mineral Exploitation Centre (BSMEC), from a site at Kalatali, Cox’s Bazar. The BSMEC has been conducting research and development on the mineral sands of the Cox’s Bazar coastal belt since 1968. PML propose to work with the BAEC in research and development, via a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The BSMEC facilities could be used for mineral sands sample preparation and laboratory assessment, including the following.

  1. PML to fund upgrade of laboratory facilities as required, and supply necessary consumables.
  2. BAEC to monitor and report on radiation safety hazards
  3. PML to provide funding to allow BSMEC to continue research, particularly relating to ilmenite upgrading.
  4. PML to negotiate use of a bulk testing facility (including applicable fees) when required.