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EMRD – Energy and mineral Resources Division:

Energy and mineral Resources Division
Through Cabinet Division Notification No. CD-4/1/94-Rules/23(100), dated 25 March 1998, Energy and Mineral Resources Division and Power Division were created under Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources to cater to the need for more specialized intervention in power and energy sector.

Energy and Mineral Resources Division is entrusted with the following responsibilities
  1. Policy and matters relating to petroleum, natural gas, and mineral resources.
  2. Policy relating to mineral resources other than petroleum and petroleum products.
  3. General policy (Regulatory & Development) relating to petroleum, gas & mineral resources other than radioactive materials and nuclear fuels.
  4. Subjects mentioned in the Petroleum Ordinance, 1974 (XVI of 1974) and Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Ordinance (Ordinance No. XI of 1986) where Government is concerned.
  5. Subjects mentioned in the Bangladesh Mineral Exploration & Development Corporation Order, 1972 (President’s Order No. 120 of 1972) now merged with Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation, where Government is concerned.
  6. Administration, planning, programming and policy relating to Geological Survey of Bangladesh.
  7. Administration & control of Geological Survey of Bangladesh, Bureau of Mineral Development, Department of Explosives, Bangladesh Petroleum Institute, Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation and Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation.
  8. Any other matter relating to:-
    1. Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation.
    2. Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation.
    3. Department of Geological Survey of Bangladesh.
    4. Department of Explosives.
    5. Bureau of Mineral Development.
  9. All laws on subject allotted to this Division.
  10. Preparation of Budget, all administrative matters & control of financial matters of the Division and subordinate Departments/Corporations/Offices etc.
  11. Inquiries and statistics on any of the subjects allotted to this Division.
  12. Fees in respect of the subjects allotted to this Division, except fees taken in courts.
  13. Liaison with international organizations and matters relating to treaties and agreements.

BMD- The Bureau of Mineral Development:

The Bureau of Mineral Development (BMD) is a government organisation under the Energy and Mineral Resources Division. It has the charter of duties to govern the exploration and development of the mineral resources, excluding gas and oil.

The BMD is the licensing authority and is responsible for:

  1. Issuing and controlling all exploration licences and mining leases
  2. Implementation of the Mines and Minerals Rules of Bangladesh

In accordance with the obligations of the Mines and Minerals Rules 168 (amended), PML is required to submit quarterly progress reports detailing exploration activity, together with copies of exploration data, to the BMD Director.