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Below are excerpts of a presentation on errosion produced by CEGIS (Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services)

The CEGIS was established by the Government of Bangladesh as an independent centre to support the management of natural resources.
From its inception, CEGIS has been carrying out integrated environmental analysis by using modern technologies such as geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing (RS), databases and information technology (IT) and others. It provides solutions to issues and problems in various sectors like water, land, agriculture, fisheries, environment, engineering, power, energy, transportation, etc., and recommends technical options based on local realities that are feasible from the socio-economic and institutional point of view.

For more information about CEGIS and to get up to date accurate information about errosion and vulnerable areas please follow their website at http://cegisbd.com/

This is a large presentation and may take some time to load. (4.7Mb)