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Dr. Eunuse Akon

Consultant Geologist
Dr Eunuse Akon

Dr. Eunuse Akon, an experienced geologist with more than 35 years extensive working experience has recently joined Premier Minerals Limited (PML) as the Chief Geologist. He did his B.Sc. (Honours) and M.Sc. degrees in Geology from the Department of Geology, Dhaka University, Bangladesh in the years 1973 and 1974 respectively; and completed his Ph.D degree in the field of Mineralogy and Geochemistry from Bangalore University, India in the year 1984.

He served Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) for 32 years (1978-2010) in various capacities such as Geologist, Senior Geologist, Principal Geologist and Chief Geologist; where he carried out geological, geophysical & radiometric surveys; exploratory drillings & bore-hole loggings; mineral processing and beneficiation; and mineralogical & geochemical investigations such as petrography and ore microscopy, heavy liquid mineral separation, isodynamic mineral separation, gamma spectrometry, prompt gamma neutron activation analysis, x-ray fluorescence, electron probe micro analysis, x-ray diffraction;, magnetic, gravity and electrostatic separation of minerals and other related investigations for the development of mineral sand , atomic minerals, coal, heavy minerals and other solid minerals. In addition to his regular scientific posts he also worked as Director of Beach Sand Minerals Exploitation Centre, Cox’s Bazar for five years (1988-1992) and Nuclear Minerals Unit, BAEC, Savar, Dhaka for eight years (2002-2009). He took up effective collaborative mineral resource development programs with the national / international mineral and mining companies.

As Project Director he successfully implemented a good number of national and international R & D projects on exploration, exploitation and optimization of mineral resources which were supported by Govt. of Bangladesh (GOB), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Regional Co-operative Agreements (RCA). He contributed very significantly in setting up modern mineralogical & geochemical laboratories, pilot plant, developing field & logging facilities, and strengthening geological and mineralogical centers of BAEC.

He was awarded fellowships, scientific visits and advanced trainings in a number of countries namely Japan, Korea, Australia, Austria, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, China and Thailand on mineral exploration, mining and optimization of mineral resources and thus gained knowledge and expertise in the field of mineral development. In Bangladesh also he received trainings from reputed institutes like BPI, BUET, IBA of Dhaka University, BPATC, Savar, Planning Academy and other organizations. After the completion of his service in BAEC in 2010 and before joining PML he was involved with the geological & mineralogical consultancy in govt. and private sectors.

He worked in a number of National Committees formed by the Govt. of Bangladesh to evaluate the technical reports & schemes submitted by the international mining companies for the extraction of coal, mineral sands etc. He is well versed in the legal framework, mines and minerals rules, and environmental aspects with regard to the development of the mineral resources of Bangladesh.

At PML he is involved with the execution of mineral sand exploration programs in the coastal beach areas, off shore islands of the Bay of Bengal and different river sand bars; ore reserve assessment & evaluation; guiding the scientists of PML particularly the geologists to carry out field, laboratory and pilot plant investigations for the mineral sand resources development.

More than 25 research articles written by him on mineralogy and geochemistry has been published in national and international journals such as Bangladesh Journal of Geology, Nuclear Science and Applications, Bangladesh Geoscience Journal, Elsevier’s Science Direct, Springer’s Arab J Geoscience, Encyclopedia of Bangladesh, Energy and Power Magazine; and proceedings of national/international seminar, symposium and workshops.